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Small, simple steps can help you awaken your creativity

Many of us yearn to express our creative spirit more fully.


But finding the time to nurture that essential spark can be challenging in our hectic, workaday lives.


We already have so many things competing for our attention. Responsibilities at work and at home. Family members, which may include children, parents, siblings and pets. Household chores and repairs. Medical concerns, be they our own or those of loved ones. And of course, all those countless emails.


So many things, both big and small, already fill up our days to the brim and beyond.


As a result, the prospect of engaging our creative voice may seem daunting – especially if we see it as another major undertaking to be added to our to-do list. Whether we define that as a book, a painting, a symphony, a four-course meal, or an addition for the house – that mountain may seem too high to climb, so we are stopped in our tracks before we even set out on the journey.


But while creative endeavors can represent big projects, it’s not necessary to go big or go home. You can add some zest and color to your life through small, simple steps aimed at awakening your imagination and sense of wonder.


As an initial step, make a conscious effort to spend some quiet time alone, to give the inner voice of your heart a chance to be heard. There are many ways to achieve this:


  • Go for a walk

  • Enjoy a bubble bath

  • Spend time enjoying nature

  • Day dream

  • Meditate or spend some time in quiet contemplation

  • Get up early to watch a sunrise

  • Listen to soothing music, perhaps with headphones.


Adding new sensory inputs can also add fuel to your creative fire by expanding your perspective. You can do this on your own or with others by:


  • Introducing a different route when driving to a routine destination

  • Trying a new restaurant or a food item from the grocery store

  • Reading – and potentially discussing – a book in a genre or subject area that is new to you

  • Listening to musicians or artists that you don’t typically follow

  • Checking out a new exhibit at your local art gallery or museum

  • Exploring an unfamiliar neighborhood in your city by foot.


Every time you hold a space for more peace, insight and wonder, you strengthen your connection to the heart of your own creative expression. And if you take the time to listen to that small, quiet voice within, it will lead you on a journey of self-discovery that will brighten your path.


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